At ISS we actively encourage interested people to join us in our quest to bring the community together, we are not a stand-alone organisation, and we welcome community minded people to help us shape our services.

We welcome people to volunteer for ISS. There are a number of reasons that people may want to offer their time as volunteers, it may be that you are looking for a change of career, and you may want to improve your skill set in order to do this. ISS are dedicated to helping our volunteers and their personal development; we demonstrate this by offering training opportunities accredited and non - accredited, these opportunities will be focussed on the need and development of the individual, and will add value and experience to your CV.

Along with addressing personal and career development, volunteering for ISS will make you part of a dedicated, supportive and passionate team. You will have opportunities to be involved in the shaping of our services, be involved with interesting social events and enjoy being part of our community development.

Our clients and ISS will positively gain from the skills, experience, energy, enthusiasm and commitment that you bring.

Providing Pathways to Equality