Equalities Awareness Training

These are bespoke training courses, covering all aspects of the Equalities Act 2010. We offer half day training and full day training as requested.

Overall aim of the training is to raise awareness of equality and diversity issues and their impact across all sectors of society, and will include; direct and indirect discrimination as well as harassment.

We will tailor this course to meet the demands of differing sectors, for example;

  • Public sector
  • Public corporations
  • Private companies
  • Health services
  • Civic sector agencies
  • Individuals who may wish to know about their rights
  • Educational Institutes

Using a range of innovative and motivational teaching methods, and small group work, we will discuss the different types of discrimination, and how companies and individuals can address this important legislation.

One of the important outcomes will be to give you the tools to facilitate positive change, either in your own practises, or those of the organisation.

Objectives include

  • How to understand protected characteristics
  • To explore and understand the difference between Equal Opportunities and Diversity
  • To understand the concept of diversity and also the responsibilities of individuals and organisations according to current legislation
  • For individuals to recognise their own prejudices and assumptions and understand the connection between these and the behaviour and performance of others
  • To explore how to identify and challenge inappropriate behaviours and attitudes within the organisation
  • To develop individual action plan based on the learning from the day`s  activities

Full handouts and Certificates of Attendance will be provided, as well as a list of resources to supplement this knowledge base.

For more information please contact office@islandsupportservices.org or telephone 01983 551321

Providing Pathways to Equality