Disability Awareness & Equalities Training

Disability Awareness means educating people regarding disabilities and giving people the knowledge required to carry out a job or task thus separating good practice from poor. It is no longer enough just to know that disability discrimination is unlawful. It is also about challenging attitudes and understanding about disability so disabled people can be part of the community like everyone else.

ISS offer tailored courses to meet the needs of the client; the courses cover Physical, Mental and Sensory Disabilities. You will be looking at positive communication tactics and etiquette, and the different types of discrimination and how your actions can eliminate them.

This course also concentrates on the specific definition of disabilities, and includes what is to be considered as;

  • general disability – covering the main elements of the definition of disability
  • substantial  - examining `substantial adverse effect’ when carrying out day to day activities
  • long term disabilities – looking at `long term affects` including time scales and recurring effects

 The learners will also examine exclusions from the definitions.

ISS can offer half day sessions (3 ½ hours) and whole day sessions.

Attendance Certificates and delegate resource packs are included with half and whole day sessions.

The community that values and includes everyone is a better community for everyone. Disability Awareness & Equalities training outcomes and benefits are

  • Disabled people have a valuable contribution to make to every community
  • Provides staff with the knowledge and skills to interact and communicate positively with disabled people, enabling services to be delivered more effectively, therefore reducing complaints
  • Promote understanding of disability issues, encouraging the educational environment to be aware of and welcoming of differences, having better outcomes for all students
  • Increase positive attitudes, and encourage inclusion for disabled people in all aspects of their lives

Who may require this training?

  • Service providers
  • Businesses
  • Community groups
  • Schools

For more information on our Disability Awareness & Equalities Training packages please email office@islandsupportservices.org or Telephone 01983 551321

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