Lip Reading Course

Our Lip-reading course is delivered by a fully trained and accredited Lip-reading tutor.

As a society people are now living longer, however, unfortunately hearing loss is synonymous with ageing. This tends to make individuals with a hearing loss feel isolated and often excluded from friends and family, which in turn can lead to loss of confidence and self esteem.

This course is ideal for people experiencing hearing loss whether hearing aid users or not.

This 8 week course will be taught with an empathic point of view, delegates can expect outcomes such as

  • Basic Lip-reading skills to assist with word recognition
  • Easier for the delegate to follow conversations
  • Enable the delegate to put into practise skills learnt in the class room
  • Increased confidence in social situations
  • The reduction of feelings of isolation
  • Covering different and effective aspects of communication
  • Increased knowledge about current technology and how it can help

This course is open to all levels of experience. For more information please contact or telephone 01983 551321

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